Eloine & Sabrina Siegel
Nature's Recomposition 33 (CD-R)
Eh? 2011

1) nature's recomposition 33

Bryan Day, Sabrina Siegel


(Dead Angel) You know you're listening to an Eh? release when you're five minutes into the disc and you have no idea what the hell is going on, and this eccentric duet between Bryan Day and Sabrina Siegel is no exception. Over the nearly 45 minutes of the single title track, Day manipulates a variety of homemade instruments while Siegel doodles in abstract fashion with electric guitar, electric bass, and voice; of course, even the traditional instruments are employed in extremely unorthodox ways, and while the tactile sounds emanating from the speakers are not as totally random as they might seem on first listen, they're certainly not linear or confined to any kind of easily recognizable structure. What the performance (or more accurately, performances -- the material was recorded in Lincoln, NE in 2009 and 2010, then I would assume the pieces were edited together) lacks in order, though, it makes up for with a steady pulse of energy that continues unabated throughout the piece. Bonus points for the swell abstract cover art, courtesy of Siegel. - RKF

Listed in Travis Johnson's (Ilse Records) favorite releases of 2011.